Online Summit of Transformation

13 inspiring talks from international speakers


Access transformation anytime from anywhere.

In this online program, you can access deep wisdom from international speakers, authors and teachers to accelerate your own transformation and elevation of consciousness to increase your wellbeing and impact.

Alan Seale

Founder and Director, 

The Centre for Transformational Presence

The Wisdom Within

Joe Flanders

Founder and Managing Partner, Mindspace

A Healthy Mind for a Better World

Richard Barrett

Managing Director 

Barrett Academy for the Advancement of Human Values

Embracing your Soul Journey

Nilima Bhat

Author and Founder Shakti Fellowship

Shakti Leadership

Erik Muten

Partner, Kailo Mentoring Group

The 12 Forms of Capital

Giles Hutchins

Chair at Future Fit Leadership Academy

Regenerative leadership

Asta Raami

Intuition Researcher, Author, Speaker

Intuition and Creative Power

Amit Goswami

Quantum Activist, Author

Quantum Spirituality

Paul Levy


The Quantum Revelation

Bhaskar Goswami

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Principles of embodied leadership

Joke Raeymaekers

Selfcoaching facilitator, Creator of the Soul carwash

Why I love postponing actions

Jackie Roberge

Mindfulness-based Coach and Transformation Workshop Facilitator

Feel your Emotions, Spread your Joy!

Mathieu Boule



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Online Summit of Transformation


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